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AI-powered market & competitor analysis to find the optimal go-to-market price for SaaS product(s).


Life saver.

“Pricey saved me so much time on pricing and instead of researching, I could fully focus on my startup. It's a life saver.”

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"Research that we did with Pricey showed that we had significant room to increase our price—we increased our ARPU by 20%.”

Ha Pricing Strategist


“I love Pricey's business model recommendations feature. So insightful to see how much product could potential maximise our revenue."

Miya Founder

Pricing strategy is NOT a piece of cake


Consultants charge too much for market & competitor analysis


Your customers won't tell you how much they’re willing to pay


You need a data science degree to calculate the numbers

You price too high = lose customers You price too low = missed revenue

Your pricing strategy just got easy

1 Tell us about your product, company, and customers

2 Our AI analyze your market, competitors, business models

3 Give you a personalized pricing strategy in minutes

Find your best price for your SaaS product

Pricing insights you’ll understand

Everything you need to know about your market & competitor’s pricing.

Make informed decisions as pricing analyst.

It’s data for dummies (no offense).

Boost your pricing confidence before launch

Personalised analysis that you can tweak.

Simulate different positioning and pricing strategies in one-click.

No more complex formulas (yay!).

Find your optimal go-to-market price

Say goodbye to lengthy research projects.

Get insight data on everything pricing in one-click.

Learn faster than your competitors.

Changing the pricing game

AI-powered insights to price smarter.

Strike the perfect balance between supply & demand.

Company Roadmap

Jun '23 — Seed Round

Aug '23 — Private Beta

Sept '23 — Series A

Oct '23 — Public Beta

Dec '23 — Official launch

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