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Colleagues I've work with were nice enough to say a few words. Read more ->

Lead with solutions.

“Love your patience and ability to take feedback. You definitely lead with solutions and embrace change.”

David Niu CEO

Values driven.

"The combination of your work, work ethic, leadership and dedication to our company values has been phenomenal."

Dave Hadju Head of Product

Growth focused.

“You approach life/professional development from a holistic point of view. You're driven and don’t hesitate about starting new projects. You have clear goals and put the effort to accomplish them.”

Camila Garcia Castillo Senior Product Design Lead

Craft obsessed.

"Your dedication to the craft and advocating it to the team are inspiring."

Jobelle Tayawa Senior UX Designer

People first.

"You are good at connecting with people, putting yourself as an expert to others and them trusting you, adapting methods to your needs."

Bryant Castro UX Director

Ideas factory.

"Your inputs into how we can build better products and decision making are nothing less of useful. Keep those ideas coming!"

Joe Huynh Principal Product Manager

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